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DocFlex/XML 1.0


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Description of
DocFlex/XML is a powerful template-driven docs/reports generator by the data obtained from XML files. The templates are created using a graphic Template Designer basing on the data type info loaded from DTD or XML Schema files. The professional quality output documents can be generated in RTF and HTML (single and multi-framed) formats. The TXT output is supported as well, which enables you to use this tool also for various XML transformations.

In effect, the system behaves similar to XSL Transformations: the templates are equivalent of XSLT scripts; the DocFlex generator is an equivalent of XSL processor. The advantage is that now, you don't need actually to code any scripts! Almost everything can be visually programmed in the WYSIWYG form simply by using mouse and specifying properties in the designer dialogs plus the ability to immediately see the produced result.

Lot of features are supported for the real project development, which include:

(*) Generating a single doc from multiple XML files with different structure.
(*) Full support for XML namespaces.
(*) Sophisticated data querying and sorting capabilities based on an extension of XPath.
(*) Inserting images (both statically and dynamically).
(*) Creating a common network of hyperlinks; loading several frames by a single hyperlink.
(*) Calling templates from one another.
(*) Elaborated support of template parameters.
(*) The ability to reuse the same templates for different tasks and organize template libraries, which may help you to shorten the project development time and simplify further updates and maintenance.
(*) The open Java API allows to launch the DocFlex generator directly from your Java code, pass template parameters as well as to extend your templates with the custom written Java classes.
(*) The freeware template interpreter and output generator (together with the run-time Java library) available for free use and redistribution both separately and as part of your applications.
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Author: Filigris Works
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